Clinical Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is the use of an altered state of consciousness, or trance, for therapeutic endpoint.

Under hypnosis, the conscious, rational part of the brain is temporarily bypassed, making the subconscious part, which influences mental and physical functions, receptive to therapy.

If there is something that you would like to change in your life, whether that is to stop smoking, get rid of anxiety or stress or even to lose weight I am confident that I can help.

Theses changes last a lifetime, it’s a very quick, simple but amazingly effective treatment. It’s not stage hypnosis, it’s methods are taken from various effective therapies which are very successful individually, but combining them all gives a very high success rate.

Enhance Gastric Band Therapy – £180

This is a lifestyle change completely. I’m working on your subconscious mind which forms our bad habits. So you’ll just start being consciously competent rather than consciously incompetent.

My clients find they just cannot eat anything like they did before, and if there’s an emotional trigger of some kind to eating I use Regression therapy to deal with that.

I use what we call Parts therapy which is getting to the part of you that gets satisfaction from bad eating habits and I deal with that.

Most other therapists use positive suggestions only, and they’ll have a decent success rate, but I use everything so that’s why I get higher success rates.

  • Clients lose on average 6-7lbs in the first week
  • Continue to lose weight at a rate of 2lbs per week
  • NO dieting involved – just conscious eating
  • No depriving yourself
  • Gain more control over your food
  • Lose weight and keep it off for good!

There are many versions of gastric band hypnosis on the market, however this ‘Enhance Gastric Band’ hypnotherapy programme is exclusive to Enhance Manchester.

This is a 3 week programme.

First session is a 1 1/2 hour session and this includes a reinforcement audio. It works by switching your full gauge on so that your body will only allow you to eat smaller portions of 3 meals per day, lowering you calorie intake, and only allows you to fuel your body with want it needs not what it wants, just like a real gastric band would.

Second Session is to deal with more in-depth Parts Therapy, to deal with the Part of your subconscious that is getting something out of bad eating habits, and redirecting this to a more beneficial eating habit.

Third session is a Regression Therapy which deals with emotional attachments to food, Generate New lifestyle behaviours.

Enhance Smoking Cessation Therapy £150


Well now you can for good with Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy. Just 1 1/2 hours to change your life for the better forever.

You would be making the best decision of your life, to save your life !

Think of all the money you can save.

Think of all the health benefits and higher levels of fitness.

I’ve had so many people quit completely in the last few months, why not join them.

Again bringing various therapies together to ensure you quit for good.

Healing/Pain Hypnotherapy £150

Do you suffer constant Pain? Do you suffer IBS, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis or other Chronic Illness?

This is a 3 Session Programme, and I will use various therapies to help you manage and cope with this pain.

The first session is a 3 Level Healing Massage, this works on a Holistic Level, dealing with Emotional, Physical and Mental aspects of your pain.

The second session is Deep Hypnotherapy self Anesthesia to help you control your pain more.

The Third session is to connect your mind with your physical body again and creating the perfect blueprint of who you want to be.

Stress Relief Therapy

Mind & Body Massage – £50

Highly stressful lifestyles affect almost all of us, and after years of research, we are finding that emotion causes physical stresses upon or body in many ways including life threatening diseases.

I always explain to my clients that it’s important to be able to relax their minds as well as their body’s for complete holistic wellness.

All you have to do is relax and I’ll do the rest.

Most people describe the treatment as uplifting, they feel lighter, amazing, re-energised, like they’ve had the best nights sleep they’ve every had, emotions can unblock plus much much more …..

It’s approximately 75 mins and it includes the massage treatment.

Unwanted Fears/Phobias/Behaviour/Emotional Events & PTSD £50 per session

Let go of anything that does not serve you.

Ever wonder why you repeatedly do things you know aren’t good for you? Or find yourself in similar negative situations in relationships & life in general ?

The reason why we continue experiencing these patterns is because, on some level, we believe it serves us. It doesn’t seem logical does it? Why would someone want to keep getting into relationships with someone who treats them terribly?

Because on a subconscious level they have associated being treated in a certain way as love, or treating themselves in a certain way as love.

Often as children we create belief patterns from our interpretation of the world around us. How do you break these patterns?

Through Regression Therapy I find out when this behaviour or belief first started. It may have been when you were a child, seeing how other adults around you treated each other and associated that with love. You can also pick up thought forms from people, family members or through your DNA.

Ask yourself “when did I first experience this?” Or “when was this belief first created”. View your first thought and the situation it relates to. Ask yourself “why do I believe this to be true? Is this my belief or someone else’s?”. Often you will see that the reason behind this belief is completely obscure or ridiculous. A belief can also be created to protect you in some way, which may longer be relevant or be holding you back. Find out what the lesson was. Feel gratitude for the learnings then imagine that situation or vision of when this belief first started floating out of your body into the light.

Decide which new belief you choose to have, bring the energy of universal unconditional love into that belief and start living that way.

It’s a very quick therapy and so simple. Because I am dealing with the subconscious that is very literal, it is far more beneficial than counselling which is dealt with through the conscious mind.

There is very little, if anything at all that Hypnotherapy cannot deal with. We also offer Hypnotherapy with other treatments in the salon. Take a look under Packages & Special offer.